SOC215: Race and Ethnicity (2013)

This course will examine the notions of race and ethnicity from a sociological perspective. More specifically, these concepts will be presented from a comparative-historical perspective in the development of race and ethnicity structures in societies. We will analyze different focusing on the relationship between race and social structures as well as the possibilities or impossibilities of social action that agents have (or not) in specific social settings. We will also focus on the implications in everyday life. Although this course will be centered primarily in the role of race and ethnicity as “master status”, we will also study the interconnection of race with class and gender.

This course is divided into three sections. The first will be a comparative-historical analysis of the race and ethnicity. My objective is to provide a large theoretical and temporal background to the study of race and ethnicity. The second section is a comparative analysis of race in three different societies: South Africa, Brazil and Europe of European Community. In the third section we analyze structure of the United States from a racial perspective by studying the components of racialization.