SOC215 Description

This course will examine the notions of race and ethnicity from a sociological perspective. More specifically, these concepts will be analyzed from within their relationship with social structures as well as the possibilities or impossibilities of social action that agents have (or not) in specific social settings. We will also focus on the implications in everyday life. Although this course will be centered primarily in the role of race and ethnicity as “master status”, we will also study the role of class and gender.

This course is divided into two sections. The first will be a theoretical analysis of the concepts of race and ethnicity; in particular its application to the United States. Its aim it is to introduce the students in the classical and contemporary sociological approaches to this topic. The second section will be centered in the analysis of particular topics within the representation of race and ethnicity in the everyday life.

This course has been developed as a very interactive class. Your participation is highly valued through the sharing of your own life experiences, theoretical comments, new arguments, and among others. There are, however, two caveats. First, comments MUST be grounded on the readings and concepts developed in the course (No common places or platitudes). Two, comments must be respectful. Also, this course will be centered on the sociological analysis of race and ethnicity. By sociological analysis I mean a thorough and careful observation of structures, institutions and interactions using sanctioned concepts and methodologies.