ISS215-Spring 2014 Description

This course is in fact two courses in one. On the one hand is an interdisciplinary introduction to International Migration studies, and on the other is a research methods course. Learning how to use scientific methods in the social sciences is of utmost importance to any that wants to pursue a career in these disciplines. Whether you will work in academia, think tanks, government, or private companies; or that you will use or produce data, knowing the scientific process behind the production of empirical observations and analysis will allow you to pursue your own research to accurately cite and present data, and to criticize other people’s works. On the other hand, international migration is one of the most relevant social processes of our times. Constantly in the media, it influences policy, human rights definitions; cultural, social, and economic change. We will critically engage in the theory, history, and effects of contemporary global migration.

Beyond the introduction to the course, I divided this course into four sections. The first section is an introduction to research methods in the social sciences and to the preparation of research proposal (01/08 to 01/22). In the second section we will actively discuss about topics and themes of international migration (01/27 to 02/26). I have constructed the third (03/12 to 03/31) and fourth sections (04/02 to 04/21) as a workshop on research on international migration. Using secondary data you will have to do two short research projects; one using qualitative data and the other using quantitative data.