IAH211C: Area Study Americas

Integrative Studies in Arts and Humanities at MSU seeks to assist students to become more familiar with ways of knowing in the arts and humanities and to be more knowledgeable and capable in a range of intellectual and expressive abilities. IAH courses encourage students to engage critically with their own society, history, and culture(s); they also encourage students to learn more about the history and culture of other societies. They focus on key ideas and issues in human experience; encourage appreciation of the roles of knowledge and values in shaping and understanding human behavior; emphasize the responsibilities and opportunities of democratic citizenship; highlight the value of the creative arts of literature, theater, music, and arts; and alert us to important issues that occur among peoples in an increasingly interconnected, interdependent world.

This course intends to introduce the students to social, political and historical processes of the Latin American 20th century from the perspective of Latin American novelist, film-makers and scholars. It is also a dialectical approach to historical episodes in Latin America; one the one side we are going to analyze a particular set of historical moments and on the other how these moments as represented and remembered.

This course is an integrative approach to the analysis and characterization of seven Latin America countries. We will analyze seven moments in the history of Latin America through the analysis of seven novels or films. All the films will be shown in class and there will be required and recommended readings. This section of the course relies heavily in student discussion and participation.