HST201-Fall 2013 Description

This course intends to introduce the students in the use and analysis of oral history for the study and research of history. It also presents an introduction to the field of international migration mostly from a historical perspective. This course is divided in three mains section. In the first section (09/04 to 09/23) we will engage in theoretical and methodological approaches to the field of international migration. I have designed this section as a set of short lectures accompanied with plenty of class discussion. Coming prepared to class by doing the reading is a must. Before the second section we will have a brief interlude (three classes long) where I will introduce the idea of research methods in the social sciences and the ethics involved in social science research. In the second section (10/07 to 11/04) we will learn about the theory and methods of oral history at the same time that we read research done on migration and oral history. In the third and final section of this course we will collectively analyze a set of oral histories of migrants to Michigan. This section of the course also relies heavily in student discussion and participation.