HST201-Fall 2010 Description

This course intends to introduce the students in the use and analysis of biographies and personal narrative for the study and research of recent history. It also attempts to present the history of the Southern Cone of America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay) since the 1950s from the dual perspective of the military regimes that governed these countries in that period as well as from the processes of exile that these governments produced.

This class is most importantly and introduction to the field and methods of history. We will discuss particular methods and approaches to history. Particularly we will center our analysis on the study of biographical methods and personal narrative and on what has been called contemporary or recent history. Because of the nature of this “type” of history our approach will be interdisciplinary. As such we will be looking at the past not only from a historical perspective, but also using as sources the other social sciences and humanities. The internet, photographs, and other media will be used as well as sources. Finally you will be able to develop one of the most important tools of the historians craft; writing. There will be several graded and ungraded opportunities for you to write. Use them.