MSU Excellence in Teaching citation

Excellence in Teaching Citation – Awarded 2011

Cristián A. Doña Reveco

Department of Sociology and Department of History, College of Social Sciences

For Cristián A. Doña Reveco is paramount to create a classroom environment where students feel intellectually secure to allow a fruitful exchange of ideas and knowledge. His students have praised classes as “excellent” and “one of my favorite courses at MSU”; his preoccupation for the intellectual development of his students has been constantly appreciated. One of them commented that he “genuinely cares about the students’ academic success”.

Mr. Doña Reveco has also strived to improve the pedagogical aspects of his teaching. His participation on two highly selective teaching oriented fellowships at MSU, his involvement in the Certificate of College Teaching program, and being the graduate student representative to the Department of Sociology Graduate Education Committee demonstrates this. Outside of the classroom, Cristián is deeply involved with intercultural education, having participated in orientations for new international teaching assistants and almost 20 years experience of volunteering for AFS Intercultural Programs. He has also held leadership positions in the Latin American Community and in the Sociology Graduate Student Organization

Cristián A. Doña Reveco has embraced pedagogy as a vocation, where the creation of a humanistic learning and working environment is of the highest relevance. He is constantly encouraging his colleagues and students to become critical thinkers and he is dedicated to his goal of promoting a scholarly environment committed to academic excellence, respect of diversity and equality in opportunity. For these reasons, he is worthy recipient of Michigan State University’s Excellence-in-Teaching Citation.