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Doña-Reveco, Cristián. “Memories of exile and temporary return: Chilean exiles remember Chile”. To resubmit after major revisions.

Abstract: The exile that was a product of the military coup of 1973 has been the largest emigration flow in Chilean history. Using oral histories from former Chilean exiles collected in the Midwest of the United States as reference, in this article I analyze and describe the memories of Chile by Allende supporters comparing theses memories with those of the recent visits to Chile by former exiles. I propose that in order to begin recuperating the memory of exile we need to understand the memory of personal and nationalist dreams in contrast to the lived-reality of exile and dictatorship. I conclude this article by developing the idea that memory not only relates to the remembrance of things past, but also how that remembrance is projected into the future as a way of describing the personal projects and the utopias for the country of origin and destination.